Wilderness Ranch
WROA Facilities Committee
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Committee Members
Bill Snively (Committee Chair)
Geoff Prussia (Board Liaison)
Committee Purpose
The purpose of the Facilities Committee is to attend to the maintenance of the permanent buildings and temporary structures that service the Wilderness Ranch community.
Facilities Committee Policy
Mailbox Keys
The Facilities Committee is also responsible for mailbox locks and keys. If you need a replacement key, please contact Bill Snively at (208) 991-8417. There is a small charge for lock replacement. Unfortunately, per USPS laws, mail box keys can not be duplicated. 
Current Facilities
The permanent buildings at Wilderness Ranch include the Mail Center, sand shed and bus stop that are located by the Ranch entrance on Rush Creek Road, and the WROA Meeting Room located 46 Wilderness Ranch Road.
How We Work
Because these buildings contribute to the quality of life at Wilderness Ranch, it is the responsibility of all residents to exercise due care when using the facilities, to report observable damage, and to contribute to their maintenance as needed.
Periodically, painting or repair work is necessary for the upkeep of the buildings. Notices of such activities will be posted on the Mail Center door or detailed in the Wilderness Watch. Everyone is encouraged to do his/her part to participate in the maintenance of the facilities at Wilderness Ranch.
The Committee chooses projects based on suggestions from the Board of Directors and Association members. Budgeted funds are used for materials, although Ranch residents have donated materials for some projects. For each project we set a date and recruit Ranch Hands (volunteers) through articles in the Wilderness Watch and on this Web site. Contact Bill Snively, Facilities Committee Chairperson, at (208) 991-8417 if you have concerns about a Ranch facility or want to lend a hand in maintaining our facilities.