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Committee Members
Regina Pearson
Brandon Ashey
Randy Baxter
Geoff Prussia, Board Liaison
Seann Smith, Board Liaison
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ACC Compliance Procedures
The architectural control committee members are appointed by the WROA Board of Directors. They serve one-year terms and work to ensure compliance with WROA Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) for all construction and remodeling projects. 
The CC&Rs require that property owners submit for approval all projects on the exterior of their homes and property. This includes construction of new homes, garages, fences, dog runs, storage sheds, barns, outbuildings, and decks, as well as any exterior remodeling and painting/staining (including re-painting and re-staining) of buildings, fences, etc.
Please understand that the ACC must have your application in writing in order to keep proper records. Receiving applications after the project has already started puts stress and strain on everyone involved, including the homeowner and contractors, especially when there are CC&R violations. Project plans must be included in your application and should be submitted not less than one (1) month (30 days) in advance of the anticipated project start date. Incomplete applications may result in construction delays. 
Typical non-compliance projects have involved erecting a wire fence or painting a house, garage door, or other structure white or another non-compliant color. If an owner has completed an out-of-compliance project or some other project without prior written approval of the ACC, the ACC or the WROA Board of Directors may take legal action requiring the property owner to bring the project into compliance. Also, be aware that the property owner is responsible for correcting any changes in natural drainage patterns that affect other owners or Association property.
If you have a construction project planned, you need to fill out an ACC Project Submission Form (PDF below). Your neighbors will thank you.
Documents & Forms
ACC Project Submission Form
CC&R Guidelines and Explanations
Corrective Action Policy
CC&R Complaint Form
Architectural Control Committee Responsibilities