Wilderness Ranch
WROA Communications Committee
Committee Members
John Kubisiak (Committee chair) - (208) 384-1572
Carrie Wiss (Web site administrator) - (208) 384-1572
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The mission of the Communications Committee is to facilitate communications among Ranch residents and owners.
The Communications Committee maintains this Web site and publishes the association newsletter, the Wilderness Watch, each month. The Committee also maintains the community's online telephone directory.
Editorial Policy
There are three types of content in the newsletter and on the Association's Web site:
  1. Official communications of Ranch policy and Board decisions. These communications are in the form of Wilderness Watch articles written by members of the WROA Board of Directors and committee chairs. Official communications also include the content of this Web site. Before being published, these materials may receive editing to correct typographical or grammatical errors; they are also formatted for consistency with other WROA published materials. Articles with inappropriate language may be returned to the author for revision, or with the approval of the Committee Chair or Board Liason, may be refused publication.

  2. Informal articles in the Watch regarding the weather, outdoor living, Idaho City schools, and similar topics. These articles are generally written by community volunteers or members of the WROA Communications Committee. Before being published, these materials may receive editing to correct typographical or grammatical errors. They are also formatted for consistency with other WROA published materials.

  3. SpeakOut! letters in the Wilderness Watch and advertisements on WROA.org. These are letters and ads of general interest to the Ranch community written for WR owners and residents. These materials are printed as submitted, although they may be formatted for consistency with other WROA published materials. Materials with inappropriate language will be returned to the author for revision.
InstantWatch! allows Ranch residents to receive special, timely messages about road conditions, water emergencies, and other important information. It is also used to announce the monthly publication of the Wilderness Watch.
Residents who have registered for this Web site and submitted their e-mail address(es) are automatically subscribed to InstantWatch!.

Wilderness Watch Archives
Wilderness Watch Volume 31 - 2017
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December 2017
Wilderness Watch Volume 30 - 2016
January 2016 April 2016 July 2016 October 2016
February 2016 August 2016 November 2016
March 2016 (no issue)
June 2016 September 2016 December 2016
Wilderness Watch Volume 29 - 2015
January 2015 April 2015 July 2015 October 2015
February 2015 August 2015 November 2015
June 2015 September 2015 December 2015
Wilderness Watch Volume 28 - 2014
January 2014 April 2014 July 2014 October 2014
February 2014 August 2014 November 2014
June 2014 September 2014 December 2014
Wilderness Watch Volume 27 - 2013
January 2013 April 2013 July 2013 October 2013
February 2013 August 2013 November 2013
June 2013 September 2013 December 2013
Wilderness Watch Volume 26 - 2012
January 2012 (no issue) April 2012 July 2012 October 2012
February 2012 August 2012 November 2012
June 2012 September 2012 December 2012
Wilderness Watch Volume 25 - 2011
January 2011 (no issue)  April 2011  July 2011 October 2011
February 2011  May 2011  August 2011 November 2011
March 2011  June 2011  September 2011 December 2011
If you wish to obtain older copies of the Wilderness Watch, please contact the Communications Committee.
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