Wilderness Ranch
Road Committee
We meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at the Meeting Hall.
Committee Members
Sandy Moser (Committee chair) - Sub 5 rep: wroamal@gmail.com
Bill Snively (Board member & committee liaison)
Christy Rousset - Sub 1 rep: 208-336-8044 
Buck Sawyer - Sub 2 rep: 208-989-8700 or bsawyer@lakelandboi.com
Jason Russo - Sub 3 rep: 208-336-0636 
Brian Hibberd - Sub 4 rep: behibberd@gmail.com
Bill Lendvay - Member
Tom Jensen - Member
Rhonda Jalbert - Member
Weather/Road Conditions:
Bogus Basin Ski Area:   Weather Forecast 
Wilderness Ranch Cameras:   North  -  South
ID 21 - Hilltop Cameras:   North  -  South 
ID 21 - Hilltop:   Real Time Weather
ID 21 - Gowen / Federal Way Camera:   East
Information Links:
Operating Procedures: Link
Long-term Plan:  Link
Results from Spring 2013 Owner Survey:  Link
Map of WR Roads
  1. Maintain passable roads for Wilderness Ranch residents.
  2. Spend road budget funds wisely.
  3. Communicate information about road conditions and maintenance in a timely manner.
Scheduled Road Maintenance
  • Spring/Fall: Typically includes grading and cleaning culverts.
  • Winter:  Roads are plowed and sanded as necessary.  Delays on less traveled roads should be expected during heavy snow accumulations.