Wilderness Ranch
Road Committee
We meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at the Meeting Hall.
Committee Members
Sandy Moser (Committee chair) - Sub 5 rep: wroamal@gmail.com
Christy Rousset - Sub 1 rep: 208-336-8044 
Buck Sawyer - Sub 2 rep: 208-989-8700 or bsawyer@lakelandboi.com
Jason Russo - Sub 3 rep: 208-336-0636 
Brian Hibberd - Sub 4 rep: behibberd@gmail.com
Bill Lendvay - Member
Tom Jensen - Member
Rhonda Jalbert - Member
Weather/Road Conditions:
Wilderness Ranch Weather Forecast 
Wilderness Ranch Cameras: North  -  South
ID 21 - Hilltop looking south camera: South 
ID 21 - Hilltop looking north camera: North
ID 21 - Hilltop Real-time Weather
ID 21 - Gowen/Federal Way Camera: East
WR Roads Information Links:
Operating Procedures
Long-term Plan
Results from Spring 2013 Owner Survey
Map of WR Roads
  1. Maintain passable roads for Wilderness Ranch residents.
  2. Spend road budget funds wisely.
  3. Communicate information about road conditions and maintenance in a timely manner.
Scheduled Road Maintenance
  • Spring/Fall: Typically includes grading and cleaning culverts.
  • Winter: Roads are plowed and sanded as necessary.  Delays on less traveled roads should be expected during heavy snow accumulations.