Wilderness Ranch
Fire Dept & EMS
Call 911 for All Fire and Medical Emergencies
Wilderness Ranch Fire Protection District
Wilderness Ranch Fire has been providing fire and rescue services to East Boise County Idaho since 1981. In 2004, Wilderness Ranch Fire enlarged its response area and became a taxing Fire District in order to support the population growth and subsequent emergency service needs in our area. The Wilderness Ranch Fire Protection District (WRFPD) is governed by an elected board of three Fire Commissioners. It provides emergency services to approximately 314 square miles of mountainous country, a long stretch of State Highway 21 and Lucky Peak reservoir.
The geography of WRFPD's response area provides remarkable opportunities for its personnel to respond to diverse emergencies, including wildland fire fighting, structure firefighting, extrication, technical rescue, water rescue, Haz-Mat mitigation, and emergency medical services.
To provide emergency services in the area, WRFPD relies on more than 40 volunteers—many of whom are your neighbors at Wilderness Ranch—who have become well trained and experienced in these disciplines. WRFPD is proud to offer one of the widest ranges of emergency services in Boise County.
WRFPD holds its trainings on the second Thursday and the following Saturday of each month. If you are interested in becoming a member of WRFPD, contact Chief Jim Bryant at (208) 345-3577.
The Boise County Sheriff's Office has implemented the Code Red system, which automatically calls district residents who have submitted their contact numbers to provide information about fire or weather events that threaten the community. To sign up for Code Red, visit the Boise County Sheriff's website.
Mores Creek Ambulance
Mores Creek Ambulance (MCA) is a volunteer organization committed to providing pre-hospital emergency medical service with care and compassion for our community, friends, and neighbors.
MCA is a part of the East Boise County Ambulance District (EBCAD). MCA's sister units are located in Idaho City, Placerville, and Lowman. When necessary, MCA backs up those other units, and they back up MCA's. MCA's providers are all EMT-Basic certified.

MCA's service area extends from the High Bridge (the county line on Highway 21) to mile marker 29.5 on Highway 21, and from Bogus Basin to Atlanta.

If you are interested in volunteering for MCA, either as an EMT or a driver, call Paul or Linda Bucca at (208) 345-2767.