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Wilderness Ranch
Our community in the Idaho mountains

This Web site serves as an information resource for Wilderness Ranch owners and residents as well as those interested in our community.

~ News & Alerts ~

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~ Wilderness Watch Newsletter ~
Articles and SpeakOut! letters for the December issue of Wilderness Watch are being accepted until December 5. Contact the Communications Committee if you have an article or letter to submit.
Back issues of Wilderness Watch can be found on the Communications page.


~ Upcoming Events/Meetings ~
Regular Monthly Board Meeting
Tuesday, December 20th, 6:30 PM at WR Meeting Room

~ Ranch Hands ~
You can be a Ranch Hand without joining a committee or coming to a meeting -- simply be a good neighbor!
Winter is here! Let's all pitch in to make our travels to and from the Ranch as safe as possible. 
  • Winter driving tips:
    • If you haven't already done so, get your snow tires mounted on your vehicle. Summer tires just won't cut it around here in the winter.
    • Got chains? If not, get some and learn how to use them. There's nothing worse than being stranded at the bottom of the hill in the dark with a set of chains you've never used before.
    • About those chains . . . go ahead and put them on before you try to drive up or down the hill. Putting on chains when you've got two wheels in a ditch isn't much fun. 
    • Slow down! Just because the speed limit is 15 mph doesn't mean it's always safe/appropriate to travel at that speed. Put your vehicle in a low gear and let the engine, not your brakes, limit your speed.
    • In most cases, it's best to yield to the car that's heading up hill. 
  • Parking on Rush Creek Rd in the vicinity of the Mail Center is limited to designated areas marked by signs and limited a period of 48 hours.
  • Please take a moment to shovel the steps at the Mail Center. If there is sand or de-icer provided, spread some around.
  • Postpone nonessential deliveries/services if we get a substantial snow/ice/slush event. Many companies in the valley that deliver goods and services don't have vehicles equipped with appropriate tires/chains for our winter roads.
  • Most importantly, be kind and patient with your neighbors, especially the Road Committee volunteers. The Road Committee does its best to plan for and address winter road conditions, but they can't always fix everything at once. If there's a problem, let someone on the Road Committee know about it, but understand that the issue you bring to the Committee's attention will have to be prioritized.

~ Firewise Tips & Tools ~